Estate grown in a certified Sustainable winery (Broken Earth Winery)

 Our first wine is a 2012 Red Blend from Paso Robles, CA.

What does it taste like?

See for yourself below!



Broken Earth Winery is the largest winery in California's Central Coast to run completely on alternative energy. It was also one of the first in California to use a system that actively tracks the sun, allowing the winery to efficiently operate on 100% solar power. 

The vineyard, which was planted in 1973, rests amid gentle rolling "golden hills" and maintains a sustainable approach to farming. 

Director of Winemaking, Chris Cameron, has over 40 harvests in hand and offers a wealth of experience spanning many countries and continents. A native of Australia, his approach to winemaking is one of presenting the "true personality" of each wine, accurately reflecting both its terroir and varietal distinction. A master of blending, he continually pushes the limits to uncover balance and purity of fruit. 


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